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Kevin R. Davis is the 2018 Recipient of the Ohio Attorney General's Distinguished Law Enforcement Training Award

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KD's Experience

Kevin R. Davis is a veteran of over 37 years in the security and law enforcement fields.  His unique combined work experience starting as a large concert venue security supervisor, security contractor for the federal government, corrections, patrol, street narcotics detective, SWAT Team Leader and lead instructor, 25 years as a use of force instructor, police and private citizen firearms instructor, and expert on police tactics, training and use of force, as well as a writer and author makes him uniquely qualified.


Training & Consulting Expertise

Kevin has trained thousands of law enforcement officers and private citizens in firearms, tactics and use of force.  He has consulted and trained police labor unions, investigators and agencies on the legal aspects of use of force and use of force investigations.  He has consulted on cases in multiple states and Canada and has Federal, State and Local court experience.


Why Us?

Kevin Davis offers a knowledgeable and professional training and consulting service with experience working with district attorneys, prosecutors, defense attorneys, police investigators, officers or citizens who have used deadly or non-deadly force.  Kevin R. Davis has been a featured presenter and speaker at police - training, labor, narcotics and tactical conferences.

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